The 2022 RunNB Maritime Challenge 4000 (Virtual)

Virtual, New Brunswick
January 1 - December 31, 2022

The RunNB 2021 Challenge allowed over 400 runners & walkers from across the province and beyond to exercise more regularly and thus improve their physical condition and their health. Some have easily reached the 3600 km or 2400 km objective, others struggled to complete 1200 km, while others were unable to complete their trek around the province. No matter what spot you reached on the map at the end of the Challenge, you are either very proud of your accomplishment or a bit frustrated that you could not reach your goal. Facts of life! But remember that just signing up for this challenge was an act of courage on your part.

RunNB wants to give you another opportunity to reach new goals and stay active all year by launching the new RunNB 2022 Maritime Challenge 4000. This Challenge will include Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia and allow runners and walkers from the Maritimes and beyond to challenge themselves to cover the 4000 km distance over a 12-month period. Starting in Moncton, participants will run or walk around New Brunswick for 1200 km and, if they choose, they can pursue their journey to Prince Edward Island for another 800 km and complete the full challenge by adding the tour of Nova Scotia for an extra 2000 km. A medal will be awarded to participants who complete the 1200-km tour of NB. For those who complete the PEI tour, another medal will be awarded that will lock into the NB medal. Finally, the NS medal will complete the three-piece medal and be awarded to those who complete the whole Challenge.


Registration fee is set at $50.
* Each runner/walker who registers for the 2022 RunNB Challenge will receive a free one-year RunNB membership card, $30 value. The RunNB membership card offers social and financial benefits that are detailed on the RunNB website.

Please note that registrants will not be reimbursed for this challenge.

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