The 2024 RunNB Multi-Sports Challenge

Virtual, New Brunswick
January 1 - December 31, 2024

RunNB is happy to offer runners, walkers, skiers, skaters and bikers a challenge to help them stay active and healthy all year round. The 2024 RunNB Challenge allows participants to accumulate their kilometers either by running/walking, skiing, skating and biking. Similar to previous RunNB challenges, participants will be able to log onto a dashboard on a daily basis or at their convenience and record their kilometers that they have accumulated for the whole year.

There are no medals offered for this challenge. Prizes will be drawn among the participants and acknowledgement of exceptional achievements will be offered at the RunNB AGM/Banquet in November.

You will be able to see the other participants’ progress on the dashboard and thus spur yourself forward to do more!

We trust that all participants will be honest in recording each distance covered and observe the rules set for this challenge.

Be part of this challenge for your good form and health.

Registration fee is set at $20 per person.



Running, walking, treadmill, snowshoeing


Cross country skiing, skating

Downhill skiing


Electric bicycle

Any distance over 2 km

Less than 2 km

Being honest


For more information, please communicate with:

Gilles Gautreau, RunNB Executive Director,

Donald Wade, RunNB Chairman,

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