(Postponed) Rockwood Ragnarok

Saint John, New Brunswick
September 25th, 2021

In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the destruction of the world of Gods and men. Gods and men face their demons like heroes, get vanquished. But rise again.

There are different interpretations of how it happens, here is mine. (Metaphorically, of course.)
For the folks who like to lift heavy things, there will be running.
For the endurance folks, there will be strength involved.
For the gear junkies, there are none needed.

This will be a you vs. you event, where you face your demons.

Here's how it goes. There are 3 evolutions to this event. Each one harder than the next.

1st Evolution: 10 Push ups, 1km run. Repeat. 45mins.
2nd Evolution: 10 Push ups, 10 squats, 1km run. Repeat. 45mins.
3rd Evolution: 1km run. Burpees till time runs out. 15min.

Participant/Duos with the most reps "win". Participants can "ring the bell" and quit at any time.

Suffer well.


2 different types of entries.

Solo participants - $25
Duo participants - You decide on the division of labour - $50

Registration link will be provided soon.

Custom Swag will be provided.

*This is a cost recovery event. Any profits will go to the Saint john Community Food Basket.

Registration Information

  • Race day registration: No

Contact Us

Boon Kek
Phone: 506-639-7478

Course Information

  • Main distance: Solo
  • Other distances: Tag Team
  • Start location: Fisher Lakes Parking
  • Start Time: 9am. Or something like that.
  • Certified course: No
  • Course records: N/A
  • Year established: 2021
  • Course description: It's cray cray


Registration fees
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* All prices in CAD $