Rockwood R.a.T Races

Saint John, Nouveau-Brunswick
16 mai 2019

Rockwood R.a.T Races

I am happy to announce that the Rockwood R.a.T Races will be returning starting on May 9th. Unlike last year however where we went every Thursday for 8 weeks, this year we will have two four-week periods. The first 4 weeks will be May 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. The dates for the second half of the races will be late summer early fall. I will update the Facebook page and the Run NB website once this has been finalized.

The goal of these events is to be as basic as possible. There will be no fancy start/finish line, flashy medal, or even volunteers cheering you on as you run into a fully stocked aid station every KM. Instead you’ll have an imaginary line, a high five at the end, and some tasty water waiting for you as you cross the finish line (must provide own cups/bottles).

There will be no online registration only on race day can you register. The fee to run these events will be $5 per race.
The course will remain the same from last year. It is a well-marked 6.7ish km loop. So, the more you run it the more familiar you will be with the route.
I look forward to seeing everyone this summer and feel free to share these events with anyone and everyone.

Happy training and I look forward to seeing everyone on the 9th of May.



Information sur l’inscription

  • Inscription le jour de la course : Oui
  • Heure de l’inscription : 5:45
  • Lieu d’inscription : Fisher Lakes Parking Lot

Contactez nous

Marc Gallant

Information sur le parcours

  • Distance principale : 15km
  • Lieu du départ : Fisher Lakes Parking Lot
  • Heure du départ : 6:30
  • Parcours certifié : Non
  • Année d'établissement : 2018

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